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Roots & Tunes is our programme that explores the 12 principles of permaculture through learning well-known songs on ukulele.

On this page you will find support including song chords and shapes for those who are enrolled in the programme, to help you practice at home.

Please click on the session numbers below to access this information. To view the Roots & Tunes manual please click here.

Principle 8 (5): Use & value Renewables
Song: Here comes the Sun

Principle 9 (12): Creatively use & respond to change
Song: Wind of Change

Principle 10 (11): Use Edges & value the Marginal
Song: Different

Principle 11 (3): Obtain a Yield
Song: Lean on me

Principle 12 (9): Use small, slow Solutions
Song: The b
are Necessities

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