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Principle 2 (6): Produce no Waste

There’s no such thing as waste in nature. Everything is a cycle. When a plant, insect or animal dies it decomposes and gives nutrients back to the soil which feeds the cycle and produces new life. When an animal eats another animal its leftovers are eaten by other animals, insects and microbes and the rest decomposes and feeds the soil as well. As humans living in a modern society it is very difficult to produce no waste. So much of the things we buy is packaged and things we use in our daily lives like cars, public transport, buildings, crockery, cutlery, bicycles, shopping bags, beds, clothes and so much more can’t always be reused, repurposed or even recycled. But every piece of trash we can save counts. So try to be more like nature and refuse (do you really need that gift someone wants to give you?), repurpose, reuse and recycle. Starting a compost is a huge step in this regard because our kitchen waste produces harmful methane gas in landfills but could instead be turned back into precious soil.
So talk to your parents about composting, there are many different ways, no matter whether you live in an apartment or a house. You can also contribute by collecting your kitchen scraps and giving them to someone who composts if you don’t feel ready to compost yourself yet.


Chord Shapes:
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