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Christina started her working life as a photojournalist. She loves being a mum of three and has written more than a dozen kids books, six of which were published (including a Mindfulness Manual and a kids yoga book) while the others were personal books for Keaton, Aliya and Lucia. From her first Permaculture course in Goa, India, Christina was hooked as she felt its principles fit in perfectly with what she had been teaching in her kids yoga and nature classes.

Christina is a 500-hr+ certified yoga teacher and completed her permaculture design certificate (PDC) in 2020 with Permaculture Education in the US as well as the Permaculture Educators Course with Morag Gamble at the Permaculture Education Institute in Australia in 2022, which included a second PDC as well as teacher training. She completed the Green Educators training with the Green School Bali and holds a diploma in Equine Facilitated Learning with a focus on nature education from Athena Herd in the UK.

Christina has been been teaching soil and sustainability sessions with eedama as well as eco literacy, gardening, nature photography, nature yoga and her Roots and Tunes programme at The Arbor School, Dubai's only eco school and has run a permaculture workshop series for parents there. Additionally, she works as consultant at the Emirates Soil Museum at the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture. She also teaches in her learning garden as well as other venues in the UAE and beyond. Christina is also a passionate ukulele player and founder of India's first and still only ukulele festival, the Mahalo Ukulele Festival.

More years ago than she cares to remember, Christina started her work life as journalist and photojournalist. She holds a BA in Journalism from Marquette University, an MSc in Journalism from Northwestern University and an MA in Photojournalism from the University of Westminster. You can view her portfolio, writing clips and books she has authored at

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